creating a world of materials with a different balance of forces.
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Who we are

G-Space is a next-generation industrial company focused on developing new materials for the digital age such as
transmission, sensing, data storage, and energy-efficiency.

G-Space understands the subtle relationship between gravity, material properties and performance, manufacturing, and sustainable economic growth.

G-Space is uniquely positioned to open the door to a world with a different balance of forces.


G-Space's innovative approach builds on a novel and proprietary combination of GEMS (Gravity Elimination via Methods of Suspension) experiments, computational and modeling tools to quantify the effect of gravity on materials performance, stability, and manufacturing.


Proprietary machine learning algorithms to correlate and optimize deep tech material knowledge with high-profit margin applications.

Actionable Solutions

Our insights into the impact of gravity on materials and manufacturing lead to practical solutions that remove gravity-related performance barriers and identify unique conditions for sustainable manufacturing.


Our vision is to create new materials and manufacturing processes for the digital age by removing the gravity limitation.

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    unsustainable manufacturing

    is a growing symptom of the era of industrialization causing global distress. Optimized for profit at all costs, it has set humanity on an unsustainable path.

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    materials and manufacturing

    are at the center of any major challenge of the next century.

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    regenerative thinking

    is needed to develop new materials, optimize the structure-performance-application cycle, reduce the footprint of manufacturing, and implement modern business practices.

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    orbital manufacturing

    is G-Space's long-term solution to move polluting manufacturing off the Earth's surface. This is imprinted in our company's DNA as a public benefit corporation.

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    with us!

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G-Space is the US representative of Le Verre Fluore through which we offer a variety of high quality infrared fiber optic, fluoride glass, and IR guide technology. A comprehensive description of products and applications is available here.

Fluoride fibers

Cover a large range of fluoride optical fibers for mid infrared applications.
Passive fibers (ZFG, IFG, AFG)
Active fibers (rare earth doped single mode & double cladding)
Custom fibers

Fluoride glasses

Allow innovative laser developments from UV to mid infrared.

Fiber connectors

Enable easier-to-handle and direct integration of fibers in commercial systems.
Fiber components (Patch cables, bundles, splices and end caps, etc.)
Fiber modules (supercontinuum sources, continuous wave lasers, sensors)
Laser and fiber amplifiers (coming soon)


Our team is doing ground-breaking work.

In the news

Read below a recent article in Aerospace America where our CEO, Ioana Cozmuta, is quoted.
Sparking the space economy

Technical conferences

G-Space was represented at the following technical conferences.
Novel Optical & Photonic Materials: Design and Fabrication
SmallSat Symposium Silicon Valley 2020

Our Amazing Crew

Our team holds decades of material science, microgravity experiment design, and data science expertise.


CEO, Co-Founder

Remus Osan


Data Scientist, Advisor

Dennis Tucker


Microgravity and Space Materials, Advisor

Samuel Poulain


CEO of Le Verre Fluore, Advisor

Solenn Cozic


R&D Engineer at Le Verre Fluore, Advisor

Laurens Feenstra

Laurens Feenstra

Product Development, Advisor

Our talented crew combines experience with passion, creativy, and dedication.

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