introducing a world of materials with a different balance of forces.
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G-Space is a next-generation industrial company focused on developing new materials for the digital age such as transmission, sensing, data storage, and energy-efficiency. G-Space’s innovative approach builds on a novel and proprietary combination of GEMS (Gravity Elimination via Methods of Suspension) experiments, modeling, computational tools, and (AI/ML) algorithms to observe, understand, and quantify the effect of gravity on materials performance and stability. This deep tech material knowledge is correlated to high profit margin applications. Specifically, G-Space provides:

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    G-Space provides insights into factors limiting current materials performance.

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    new material formulations

    G-Space provides novel approaches to stabilize new material formulations.

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    G-Space provides high-fidelity measurements of difficult to obtain material properties (e.g., selected thermal properties.)

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G-Space is the US representative of Le Verre Fluore through which we offer a variety of high quality infrared fiber optic, fluoride glass, and IR guide technology. A list of products is available here.

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